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Cell Phones

We now carry cell phones and the plans that go along with them! We have a wide selection of phones to choose from at great low prices!

AT&T with plans as low as $39.95/month

T-Mobile with plans as low as $15.00/month

Sprint with plans as low as $15.00/month

Verizon with plans as low as $24.95/month


Need a new flat screen? We are sure to have the perfect TV for you at the right price!


Need a hammer? Maybe a chainsaw? We have a variety of tools that every handyman needs.

Movies/Video Games

From Blu-Rays to DVDS we are sure to have that movie you have been itching to watch. We carry X-Box 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii games for every gamer out there.


We have a variety of laptops, handheld game systems, and accessories for all your tech needs.

Music Instruments

From guitars to clarinets; we have a variety of instruments and accessories. Need a new amp? Maybe a new car radio? We have them at a great price!


Visit us in store to shop our selection of firearms.